For the last nine years, Amy Redding, a parent of 2 students attending San Diego public schools, has been championing the needs of San Diego Unified students through her work with PTA and the school site councils and as chair of a district level committee.

Amy Redding always fights for public money to be spent where it will have the greatest impact for students.

As an advocate for students and the wise use of public funds, Amy Redding has:

· Fought to keep millions of dollars at schools sites.

· Pushed the district to be transparent with parents and tax payers.

· Helped bring parent voices into district conversations.

· Campaigned for safe schools through her work to pass Prop Z.

Amy Redding, as a School Board Trustee, will:

· Make student focused decisions that maximize student success and access to a quality education.

· Make decisions that rebuild the financial stability of San Diego Unified.

· Be transparent with the public’s business.

· Champion school safety and security for all schools.

Amy Redding for San Diego School Board.......A Parent’s Voice for the Kids


Thursday, September 18, 2014 12:00 AM

School Board Trustee Kevin Beiser Refuses to Debate: All incumbents have debated except Beiser

School Board Trustee Kevin Beiser Refuses to Debate: All incumbents have debated except Beiser 

San Diego Unified parent and school board
candidate Amy Redding said today that "Kevin Beiser keeps turning down debates.”

“He has refused to schedule debates sponsored
by the SD PTA and Charter schools. But he seemed to find the time to get his picture taken giving a proclamation to the PTA," said Redding. 

All recent school board incumbents including
Mitz Lee, John DeBeck, John Lee Evans, Katherine Nakamura (who debated Beiser) fulfilled their responsibility to the voters and had numerous debates with
their opponents. 

Kevin Beiser Doesn't Debate. Holds Fundraisers Instead.

"Mr. Beiser can't seem to find the time to
attend an unscripted debate in front of the voters, but Mr. Beiser is able to schedule numerous campaign fundraisers, and attend an unlimited number of parades, press conferences, photo ops and political events and receptions. It's time for Kevin Beiser to stop hiding," said Redding. “I challenge the Trustee to three 90 minute debates between now and Election Day."

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